• Quadrilocale con giardino

    Varese (VA), via Manin

    €218,000 MORE
  • Quadrilocale da ristrutturare

    Invorio (NO), via Mescia

    €110,000 MORE
  • Independent house in Invorio

    Invorio Superiore (NO)

    €80,000 MORE
  • House – 2 units

    Ranco (VA), via Uponne

    €109,000 MORE
  • 3-bedrooms apartment for rent in Angera centre, served by elevator

    Angera (VA)

    €800/per month MORE
  • Semi-detached villa

    Ranco (VA), via Uponne

    €220,000 MORE
  • Trilocale

    Angera (VA)

    €680/mese MORE
  • 2 bedrooms flat in Mercallo

    Mercallo (VA), via Milano

    €40,000 MORE
  • Casa Rosetta – Porto Cervo Marina (Sardinia)

    Viale Orecchioni, 07021 Porto Cervo OT

  • Portion of house – 2 bedrooms flat in Castelletto Ticino

    Castelletto sopra Ticino (NO), via Glisente

    €105,000 MORE
  • 1 bedroom apartment

    Varallo Pombia (NO)

    €49,000 MORE
  • Portion of house, garden and farm building

    Cureggio (NO), via San Bernardo

    €190,000 MORE
  • Terraced villa in Angera

    Angera (VA), via San Quirico

    €250,000 MORE
  • 2-bedrooms flat with car box

    Castelletto sopra Ticino (NO)

    €400/month MORE
  • 2-3 bedrooms flat with lake view in residence with swimming pool

    Ranco (VA), via Alberto 97

  • Villa with lake view

    Ranco, via Roma

    €950,000 MORE
  • One-bedroom furnished in residence with swimming pool

    Angera (VA), via Bruschera

    €450/per month MORE
  • 1 bedroom apartment

    Angera (VA), via Magenta

    €430/per month MORE
  • Villa Palletta – Ancient villa in Angera

    Angera (VA)

    €3,600,000 MORE
  • One bed-room / Furnished

    Angera (VA), via Paletta

    €530/per month MORE
  • Portion of house

    Ranco (VA), Piazza Venezia

    €60,000 MORE
  • Portion of house in Ranco

    Ranco (VA), via Uponne

    €49,000 MORE
  • Villa in Taino – chalet

    Taino (VA), via sist

    €270,000 MORE
  • Two-bedroom Angera Centre

    Angera (VA), via Paletta

    €160,000 MORE
  • Bust Arsizio – Close to the Court and to city centre

    Bust Arsizio (VA), via Petrella

    €249,000 MORE
  • 2-bedroom flat in Sesto Calende centre

    Sesto Calende (VA)

    €135,000 MORE
  • Three-bedroom apartment for rent

    Angera (VA), via Greppi 106

    €950/per month MORE
  • Two bedrooms flat, Taino centro

    Taino (VA), Piazza Pajetta

    €90,000 MORE
  • 1 bedroom apartment

    Magenta (MI), via Sanchioli

    €75,000 MORE
  • 1 bedroom flat with garden

    Travedona-Monate (VA), via Faraona

    €125,000 MORE
  • Two-bedroom apartment for sale, residence with swimming pool

    Angera (VA), via Bruschera

    €115,000 MORE
  • Two-bedroom apartment for rent

    Angera (VA), via dell'Acquario

    €650/per month MORE
  • Porzione di casa

    Sesto Calende (VA), Oneda

    €40,000 MORE
  • One-bedroom apartment for rent

    Ranco (VA), via Lungolago

    €380 MORE
  • 2 bedrooms house in Angera centre

    Angera (VA)

    €140,000 MORE
  • 2 bedrooms flat with Lake View

    Castelletto sopra Ticino, via I Maggio

    €1,000/per month MORE
  • Autorimessa

    Sesto Calende (VA), Oneda

    €14,000 MORE
  • Apartment in Piazza Venezia in Ranco

    Ranco (VA), Piazza Venezia

    €140,000 MORE
  • Two-family villa in Varallo Pombia

    Varallo Pombia (NO), Cascinetta

    €285,000 MORE
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